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Terrific Scientific How to write a non-chronological report Sports journalist Sonali Shah explains how to write an engaging non-chronological sports report.

Writing a news report bbc arabic

It should come as no surprise: This ancient collection of liturgical texts, including some of the earliest Christian writing and second in size only to writing a news report bbc arabic Vatican, is going to be made available online for scholars all over the world.

The manuscripts, kept in a newly-renovated building which was opened to the public in Decemberare now the subject of hi-tech academic detective work.

These include early medical guides, obscure ancient languages, and illuminating biblical revisions. Among the researchers is Michelle P Brown, professor emerita of medieval manuscript studies at the University of London.

Image caption The monastery is scanning manuscripts for writing hidden below the surface She was convinced from earlier visits that she could challenge the mainstream thinking that there had been little face-to-face contact between the far West and the Middle East between the 5th Century and the crusades in the 12th.

The oldest known copy of the gospels in Arabic - or rather what lay beneath it - proved her right. At least of the 4, manuscripts in the collection are recycled manuscripts, known as palimpsests.

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Industrious monks often had to resort to scrubbing the ink off neglected tomes before reusing the parchment. Although the manuscript examined by Prof Brown had been discovered init is only now that scholars have been able to distinguish the different layers using a variety of light waves.

Before they relied on the naked eye or corrosive chemicals. Computer analysis of pages Now, each page is photographed 33 times using 12 different wavelengths.

The images are analysed using computer algorithms, and several images are combined to make the undertext more legible.

As chief camera operator on the Sinai Palimpsest Project, Damian Kasotakis visited the monastery four to five times a year, for two to six weeks, over a period of five years.

There were challenges, repairing such complicated technology in the desert proved difficult. Greeks and Saxons The team processed 6, pages, Mr Kasotakis estimates, which took on average eight minutes each.

The palimpsest revealed traces of Greek writing from the 5th or 6th Century, then Latin a century or so later, perhaps by hands trained in Rome and Sinai, then traces of two Anglo-Saxon scribes, before it was eventually used for the Arabic writing.

Women saints In the s, Margaret and Agnes Lewis, twins from Scotland, discovered a palimpsest after travelling nine days through the desert on camel to Sinai. The twins, despite mastering 12 languages between them, had been infamous in Cambridge until then mostly for exercising in their backyard in their bloomers.

The top layer of the manuscript was devoted to the lives of women saints. Image caption The library is being digitally captured so that scholars can examine manuscripts online Using a chemical re-agent which had never been tested, they revealed what came to be known as the Syriac Sinaiticus, the oldest known copy of the gospels in Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic, which dated from the late 4th Century.

Terror attacks Sinai has always been a place where different cultures collide, perhaps now more so than ever. There have been terrorist attacks on Coptic Christians in the north of the peninsula.

In Aprilan army officer was killed by a gunman at the checkpoint leading up to the monastery. There are now two checkpoints between the village and the monastery.

Snipers hide in the hills like hermits and floodlights light up the cragged mountains at night. Image caption There are checkpoints, barriers and snipers guarding the way to the monastery Yosoeb Song, a pastor studying at the Lutheran School of Theology of Chicago, had until a few years ago depended on poor-quality black-and-white microfilm to analyse an Arabic manuscript held at the monastery.

InFr Justin sent him high-resolution images. It was then he decided to come to Sinai and see the manuscript and what looked like medieval correction fluid in person.

It is a "unique place," says Mr Song, and one of the only monasteries with a mosque within its walls. The pastor wants to use his research to "overcome misunderstandings", particularly in Korea where the Muslim population is growing.

Muslim protection In AD, Mohammed signed a charter "in aid of the Christians" with a gold handprint. The Jebelaya tribe, local Bedouins, who have helped protect and run the monastery since it was built, are Muslim.

Image caption The monastery has had to survive centuries of political upheavals in the Middle East If any visitors complain about Muslim prayers within the walls, Fr Justin is quick to correct them: We have collaboration and mutual respect.

Unable to find a job in finance, he returned to the monastery where his father and grandfather had both worked. Fr Justin is focusing on photographing the Arabic and Syriac manuscripts first to "reaffirm the Arabic-language heritage we have".

The EMEL team are returning to photograph these manuscripts so they are available online. But with the political climate in Egypt, Fr Justin says, it has become more difficult for Greeks, and by extension Christians, to stay in the country and easier for them to leave.The BBC News report shocked Britain, The BBC Arabic Television news channel launched on 11 March , Writing for the BBC, Paulin said Israeli soldiers should be "shot dead" like Hitler's S.S, and said he could "understand how suicide bombers feel.".

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It is a fact that the British government pays close attention to BBC news, especially foreign broadcast. In some cases, pressure is brought. Improve your listening skills with News Report - our English language teaching series that uses authentic audio news stories from the BBC.

writing a news report bbc arabic

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