Synonym for bad business report

Hello, I'm Wendy Carlisle. It's no longer news that Australia, like many of the world's wealthiest nations, is in the grip of an obesity pandemic. I always loved food, and I have always loved food but, you know, it was killing me. At his biggest, federal treasurer Joe Hockey tipped the scales at kilos before he gave up trying to control what he put in his mouth and had his stomach stapled.

Synonym for bad business report

Robert Hare claims there arepsychopaths in Canada, but that only a tiny fraction are violent offenders like Paul Bernardo and Clifford Olsen.

Who are the rest? Take a look around By Robert Hercz "Psychopath! Robert Hare in Vancouver, I can see them, the psychopaths.

It's pretty easy, once you know how to look.

synonym for bad business report

I'm watching a documentary about an American prison trying to rehabilitate teen murderers. They're using synonym for bad business report emotionally intense kind of group therapy, and I can see, as plain as day, that one of the inmates is a psychopath.

He tries, but he can't muster a convincing breakdown, can't fake any feeling for his dead victims. He's learned the words, as Bob Hare would put it, but not the music. The incredible thing, the reason I'm yelling, is that no one in this documentary -- the therapists, the warden, the omniscient narrator -- seems to know the word "psychopath.

A psychopath can never be made to feel the horror of murder.

Amazon got big fast, hastening the arrival of digital publishing. But how big is too big?

Weeks of intense therapy, which are producing real breakthroughs in the other youths, will probably make a psychopath more likely to reoffend. Psychopaths are not like the rest of us, and everyone who studies them agrees they should not be treated as if they were.

I think of Bob Hare, who's in New Orleans receiving yet another award, and wonder if he's watching the same show in his hotel room and feeling the same frustration.

A lifetime spent looking into the heads of psychopaths has made the slight, slightly anxious emeritus professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia the world's best-known expert on the species.

Hare hasn't merely changed our understanding of psychopaths. It would be more accurate to say he has created it. The condition itself has been recognized for centuries, wearing evocative labels such as "madness without delirium" and "moral insanity" until the late s, when "psychopath" was coined by a German clinician.

But the term and its s synonym, sociopath had always been a sort of catch-all, widely and loosely applied to criminals who seemed violent and unstable.


Even into the mids, almost 80 percent of convicted felons in the United States were being diagnosed as sociopaths. Once it emerged, it was the first time in history that everyone who said "psychopath" was saying the same thing.

For research in the field, it was like a starting gun. But for Hare, it has turned out to be a Pandora's box. Recently retired from teaching, his very last Ph. The PCL-R has slipped the confines of academe, and is being used and misused in ways that Hare never intended.

In some of the places where it could do some good -- such as the prison in the TV documentary I was yelling at -- the idea of psychopathy goes unacknowledged, usually because it's politically incorrect to declare someone to be beyond rehabilitation.

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At the opposite extreme, there are cases in which Hare's work has been overloaded with political baggage of another sort, such as in the United States, where a high PCL-R score is used to support death-penalty arguments, and in England, where a debate is underway about whether some individuals with personality disorders such as psychopaths should be detained even if they haven't committed a crime.

So, after decades of labour in peaceful obscurity, Bob Hare has become a man with a suitcase, a passport, and a PowerPoint presentation, a reluctant celebrity at gatherings of judges, attorneys, prison administrators, psychologists, and police. His post-retirement mission is to be a good shepherd to his Psychopathy Checklist.

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synonym for bad business report

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Physicians' Top Ethical Dilemmas. Would you fight with a family that wanted to withdraw care from a viable patient? Would you follow the family's directive to continue treatment if you thought it.

The moment a report of a gun is heard they'll swarm up to this room and get you.

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