Oscar wilde: life and works essay

This credo of aestheticism, however, indicates only one facet of a man notorious for resisting any public institution—artistic, social, political, or moral—that attempted to subjugate individual will and imagination.

Oscar wilde: life and works essay

Oscar Wilde Biography

Long before Britain sent him to jail for enjoying sex with other males inhe made Paris his spiritual home. Napoleon Sarony, Portrait of Oscar Wilde, He expired there—surrounded by hideous wallpaper—at age A discreet burial took place at suburban Bagneux. An exhibition now underway at the Petit Palais in the heart of Paris proves otherwise.

This exhibition, on display until January 15,leads visitors through his phenomenal achievements, along with his difficult years of exile in Paris, and includes previously unseen materials from private collections.

Oscar wilde: life and works essay

I recently spent several hours shuffling through with a busy crowd, all of us eagerly viewing the displays, arranged chronologically, beginning with letters from the time he excelled in Classics at Oxford and then moving to the paintings that he reviewed at the opening of the avant-garde Grosvenor Gallery in London.

Such works include G. Wilde perfected this image. Especially striking at the Petit Palais is the complete set of photographs taken by renowned portraitist Napoleon Sarony in New York, just before Wilde launched his coast-to-coast adventures.

He stands in a range of languid poses, sporting knee breeches, silken hose, and opera pumps, as well as a sumptuous beaver topcoat. Sold at every venue where he gave his talks, these images—over which Sarony controlled the copyright—ensured that Wilde became a celebrity icon. Harper Pennington, Portrait of Oscar Wilde, Once back in London, Wilde resumed lecturing.

We can see his changing style in the full-length portrait that American painter Harper Pennington created for Wilde as a wedding gift. This imposing picture, in which the aesthete dons a fashionable frockcoat, has never before been exhibited abroad. It presents an attractive, poised year-old man in the prime of life.

His elegant walking cane planted firmly on the ground, Wilde returns our gaze with quiet reassurance. It was sold, however, along with his books and furnishings, during the court proceedings.

Wilde ensured that it went to another friend. This was the period when he enjoyed a blissful marriage, for a time.

Particularly joyful is a photograph of Constance embracing their oldest boy, Cyril. The mid s was also the period when Wilde made his mark with his classic collection of fairy tales, The Happy Prince Other continental figures are equally well represented:Oscar Wilde was an Anglo-Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and critic.

He is regarded as one of the greatest playwrights of the Victorian Era. In his lifetime he wrote nine plays, one novel, and numerous poems, short stories, and essays. Watch video · Oscar Wilde's greatest works were his comedic plays, including The Importance of Being Earnest.

Early Life. Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born on October 16, in Dublin, Ireland. Free Essay: The Life of Oscar Wilde The year is and many things have taken place in the life of our literary giant, Oscar Wilde has been married years.

"The Soul of Man under Socialism" is an essay by Oscar Wilde in which he expounds a libertarian socialist worldview and a critique of charity. The writing of "The Soul of Man" followed Wilde's conversion to anarchist philosophy, following his reading of the works of Peter Kropotkin.

Oscar Wilde: Life and Works Essay Sample. Oscar Wilde is a prominent Irish poet and dramatist. He is well known as much for his life as for his literary heritage. Oscar Wilde was a famous author and a playwright of the late 19th century. He is remembered for penning the much acclaimed book 'The Picture of Dorian Grey' and playwriting society comedies such as 'The Importance of Being Earnest' which were new for the 19th century English theater.

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