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Officemax check paper

How to Check a Credit Card Balance Online by Barb Nefer ; Updated September 11, Although you can wait until you get your monthly paper statement to check your credit card balance, you can also do this online if you need the information immediately. Virtually every major credit card issuer allows you to access your account on line and do a variety of tasks, including checking the balance.

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You simply need to register your credit card, and then it's a simple process to check the balance online whenever you choose. Type in the correct address to go to you credit card issuer's website.

This address should be printed on the back of your credit card or on your old statements. When the address comes up, make sure that it starts with "https" to indicate that the site is secure rather than just "http.

It will generally be a link that says "Register your card," "Get a user ID," or something similar. When you follow the link, you will be asked for identifying information such as your name, social security number, email address, and credit card number.

Some card issuers may also ask for the billing address and your phone number. Once you complete the process and set a password, you will get the information you need to log onto the website. Log onto the credit card issuer's website by entering your ID and password. If you have forgotten this information, you should be able to retrieve it by answering a security question or going through some other validation procedure.

Review the summary screen that appears after log in.

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With most credit card issuers, this screen will show your current balance as well as other information such as the last payment you made and the due date and amount of your next payment. If your balance does not show on this screen, select the appropriate option.

This will vary, depending on your credit card issuers, but it should say something like "View Balance," "Account Information," or something similar. About the Author Based in Kissimmee, Fla. She is a mental health counselor, finance coach and travel agency owner.Check Best Price OfficeMax Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder OM Reviews Today You can Buy Cheap Sale Deals OfficeMax Price is best Discover the perfect Michele for your future.

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Officemax check paper

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