Love may be the reason humans invented singing essay

Listen Why was school created? We're sure that's a question that every student asks from time to time.

Love may be the reason humans invented singing essay

It plays a significant part in shaping our personalities and identities. Even toddlers react to music first before anything else. A life without music would be terribly boring and quite hard to fathom. Here is a list of thirteen things that will tell you why music is indispensible and probably as important as breathing.

Music kicks in every time words fail. When you have music everything becomes picturesque. Music binds us even in diversity.

You may not understand a language and yet the song moves you deeply You often wonder what it is about the song. But you can never put a finger to it. On several occasions a song becomes synonymous to a loved one.

Music is also an instant mood lifter. You have a happy list, a sad list, a drinking list Your music list defines you. And the happiness you feel when you find someone who listens to your kind of music. Same taste in music equals to instant connect. What is the one thing without which long drives on rainy afternoons would be a fail?

You got it right. No music, no long drives. Bollywood more than any other industry thrives on its music.

Love May Be The Reason Humans Invented Singing Essay Sample

Our films are mostly long musical sagas The story maybe a fail but if the music is working the film works. That is how obsessed we are with our naach gaana. And our shaadis are as filmy as our films Can you imagine a wedding with no sangeet?

Birthdays, Christmas and even the good old bhajans Music all the way. But no one can stop you from singing when you want to There is a little bit of music in all of us. Even if you qualify only as a bathroom singer.

Music is the key to creativity. Most importantly music is spiritual.People love someone if they feel that person is an object of love. This feeling comes out of inner need. This is the reason that when the object of love is same, but still different people react to it in a different manner.

A person may become an object of love for someone but similar feelings may be missing in the heart of other person. The Singer - The Singer I. Main Characters A. Anthem- Protagonist Anthem is the protagonist or the "good guy" in the story.

"It is good to be=20 your child, Earthmaker," this statement tells us that Anthem is a Singerian=20 (a Christian).

From the spiritual and inner point of view, love is self-expansion. Human love binds and is bound. Divine Love expands, enlarges itself. Sri Chinmoy, My Rose Petals () First of all, let us try to know what love is. If love means to possess someone or something, then that is not real love, not pure love.

A reason to believe. Religion may fill the human need for finding meaning, sparing us from existential angst while also supporting social organization, researchers say. Essay about What is Love?

Essay about What is Love? Knowing this, love at first sight is simply not possible, and this can be proven by a variety of reasons.

Love may be the reason humans invented singing essay

For one the demands of a human go beyond the matter of appearance. More importantly it is important to know that the power behind true love takes time to form and is impossible to form.

If a person refuses your love, it may be that the reasons are irreparable. It may be that they have chosen the love of another over your love. People who are in love develop a symbiotic relationship eventually. Each draws life force from the other.

There is a mutual support system that emerges.

Love may be the reason humans invented singing essay

If a person is substantially different from you in their values and lifestyles, they may resist your efforts to love them .

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