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Esp repport

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The announcement of the venue for the next European Championships in is another happy milestone. The Portuguese city of Guimaraes Esp repport run the next continental event, hoping to keep the good level showed in Russia.

A call for applications to run the Training Camp was prepared and sent in order to allow all the potential candidates to send their bids. The TC would like to announce the name of the host during the month of November, in order to have everything ready for the summer camp.

This project, supported by UEG, is expected to serve as a starting point for countries like Slovenia, Croatia or Serbia in order to develop a national trampoline program.

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This year 22 athletes and 8 coaches representing 6 national federations gathered in a great sports facility located near Stuttgart. All the accommodation, food, training and leisure activities were held in Ruit Sportschule, a top level training resource for all sports with a quiet and stimulating atmosphere for all participants.

Three experts Sue Lawton, Sergio Lucas and Tobias Dorra were giving practical advice and hands-on instruction to all participants during two daily training sessions of two hours. During the last training session, a friendly competition was developed, practising some of the main technical aspects dealt with in the training sessions good and neat execution, high jumps, team building….

Running parallel to the sessions, a program of theoretical and applied lectures were performed by the experts in front of both coaches and athletes, dealing with important and interesting issues related to practising trampoline. First, Sue Lawton GBRhead coach of the Edgbarrow Trampoline Club, presented a detailed video analysis of top athletes performing worldwide, searching all the keys to obtain a zero deduction in trampoline skills.

Second, Sergio Lucas PORhead coach of the Tomar Trampoline Club, introduced an in-depth research about the diverse ways available to gymnasts and coaches willing to perform a double front somersault with one a half twisting.

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Eurotramp, the leading company in trampoline equipment, offered a very interesting visit to their factory in Weilheim and a great barbecue during a sunny afternoon. All participants spent long time with all the Eurotramp staff and employees having a great time.

This was a great chance to discover all the structure and processes lying behind the trampolines they usually use for training and competitions. The leisure program was completed with two visits to the swimming hall and a diverse array of sport games beach volleyball, chess, football… that everyone can perform in Ruit Sportschule.IKEA Value-Chain Analysis Posted on July 28, by John Dudovskiy “Each step in the manufacture of a product or the delivery of a service can be thought of as a link in a chain that adds value to the product or service.


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Esp repport

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