Destitution a menace

What did they know? A number of books have been written about the response of the American Jewish community to the Shoah, but the question often asked is what did American Jews know about this catastrophe as it unfolded in Europe? Individual American Jewish leaders were privy to confidential organizational reports and sometimes to classified State Department documents, but for the average American Jew the primary source of news was the American, Yiddish, and Anglo-Jewish press.

Destitution a menace

The Anatolian Railway runs diagonally across Anatolia from the Asiatic suburbs of Constantinople to the Gulf of Iskanderoun Alexandrettabut, beyond Konia, the line is in the hands of the Baghdad Railway Company, and the construction of this section is still incomplete.

The tunnel through the Taurus Range is not yet open to traffic, and the present rail-head is at Bozanti, on the northern side of the mountains. In the Adana plain, a short section of line has long been in working order between Adana itself and the ports of Mersina and Alexandretta.

But beyond this, again, there is another breach of continuity at the Amanus Range, and this second mountain barrier has also to be crossed by road before the traveller reaches the railway system that radiates from Aleppo.

The Anatolian Railway follows an ancient artery of trade, and there were important Armenian colonies in the chief places along its course, as well as in places lying off the railway towards the north-east. But the track of the line forms the general limit of Armenian expansion, and defines the Armenian " sphere of influence " in Asiatic Turkey as against the Greek.

The only considerable colony of Armenians south-west of the Anatolian Railway is at Smyrna, where they seem to have suffered less severely than in other parts of the Ottoman Empire—we know no more than that a few of the leading Armenians there were hanged. The deportation of the Armenian colonies in the railway zone appears to have been started during the months of June and July.

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Their numbers were soon swelled by the still larger streams of exiles from the metropolitan districts see section XIII.

The hardships of travel in crowded cattle-trucks were painful enough, but now at every station on the line crowds of exiles were detrained to await their turn for transport for interminable periods.

The central tableland of Anatolia, which the railway traverses, has a very high average altitude, and even in summer the climate is severe. The exiles were turned out on to the open plateau in an absolutely destitute condition, without food or shelter—here 2, here 5, here 11, here 12, here 15, here 30, These facts FF [page ] and figures are vouched for, by a number of unimpeachable witnesses, in the documents contained in this section.

The witnesses write from half-a-dozen different points along the railway, and one of them was himself an exile, experiencing in person the horrors of a concentration camp.

Destitution a menace

But the misery of detention was as nothing compared with what the exiles suffered when their turn came to be carried on to rail-head and driven across the mountains on foot. There are frightful descriptions of their condition by a witness who saw them when they had reached the Adana Plain, and still more terrible accounts of the survivors who had lived to traverse the second mountain barrier and were dragging themselves towards Aleppo.

This agonising journey along the route of the railway was protracted for more than three months. The exiles were mostly uprooted from their homes in August ; the first documents date from the beginning of September, and by that date the foremost batches had hardly begun their marches across the first mountain range ; the last documents were written in November, and still the vast body of the exiles had not reached Adana, but were huddled together—stationary through exhaustion—on the south-eastern slopes of Taurus and Amanus, between the summits and the plain.

One of the latest witnesses reckons the number here atA journey through Asia Minor even in "normal" times can be understood only by those who have had the " experience " of travel in Turkey. During war-time there is simply no accommodation at all. Passenger traffic was limited to one train a week until shortly after the time of which I write, when that was cut off too, leaving no train connection with the interior open to the civilian.

On this particular journey, not many hours elapsed before the fact was forced upon one's consciousness that things were not as they used to be. One felt the sense of unwelcomeness, the aloofness of all fellow-passengers.

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What did they know? American Jews and the Shoah (Posted to this site on 7/12/) American Jews and the Shoah by Alex Grobman, Ph.D. A number of books have been written about the response of the American Jewish community to the Shoah, but the question often asked is what did American Jews know about this catastrophe as it unfolded in Europe?

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